5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs 1slap

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style=”text-align: left;”>Do you constantly find that the competition drives more traffic to their store than you do? Fear not, the 1slap for business App can help change your situation!

1slap is a location-based marketing tool, that allows you to identify and convert prospects into consumers by capitalizing on impulse decision behavior. It allows you to offer promos and discounts as either a competitive advantage or to attract users to the store at times that you are least busy. For example, offering 25% discount on ice creams on a cold rainy day, thus offering consumers within the neighborhood you do business in, a compelling reason to come enjoy a cone.

Check out these 5 Awesome reasons why your business needs 1slap!


3-Minute Hassle Free Set-Up

Yes, you want to grow your business. No, you don’t want to increase your overhead with additional technology or spend money on fancy advertising fronts.

1slap business is PERFECT for you!

Our goal at the 1slap headquarters is to work towards keeping things simple. We want every small business owner to be able to grow their business, free of any hassle!

Your business can be made growth ready in less than 5 minutes by signing up on 1slap business. Just download, register and post deals that attract thousands of users near you!



You can download the 1slap business App for Android devices here. Alternatively, 1slap business can also be downloaded on iPhones here.


Customize Deals to Your Needs

At the 1slap headquarters, we believe in giving the user total control over their usage of the App. The 1slap business App allows you to customize deals based on location and time. Whether you want to showcase all your products for a discount all day long, or you want to post once a year on Christmas eve, it’s your choice!

For businesses that deal with perishable items, 1slap business works as an urgency creation tool offering discounts on limited perishable items for a certain amount of time. Restaurants can also use this App to push lunch specials and take out specials for lesser busy times of the day.

We take pride in the customization capabilities of the App and assure you that you’ll love them too!





Increase Acquisition Capabilities

Whether you’ve spent thousands of dollars on online advertisements or you don’t have an AdWords account yet, 1slap business is ideal for you. The App allows you to acquire more customers for a fee lower than ever before. You can market your products or services to thousands of 1slap users without paying a dime as overhead or investing a lump sum amount.

1slap business is a free to register App (for a limited time) and we only charge you a bare minimum service fee once you sell a product or service. However, standard payment service provider fees apply (unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it).

Get the 1slap business App now and kickstart your acquisition spree!





Order Tracking and Skip the Line Features

Wondering how order tracking and skip the line features help you as a business? Consider a situation where you’ve got a busy day both in terms of floor sales and in-app sales. You can dedicate full attention to your floor sales while continuing to make money from in-app sales by allotting a separate pick-up space for customers who have prepaid for their order. That’s double the sales!

The skip the line feature will also set you apart from your competitors when it comes to converting a customer who is short on time. That’s more traffic in your shop during lunch time!






The First Year is on US!

We are of the opinion that your first clients are the best clients. That’s why we’re offering a zero dollar sign-up to our first 500 1slap business customers. This means that you’ll not pay a yearly subscription for one whole year! All you pay is a bare minimum transaction fee once you sell your product on the App.





For inquiries, visit our website or contact us via email and one of our team members will help you get started. Now that we’ve given you so many reasons to join the 1slap business community, maybe it’s time to try it out?